Microsoft vs Google

I just saw a commercial on the TV for the new MSN Search. The commercial was cooler than the search is. In some ways, the new Microsoft vs Google battle reminds me of the longtime Microsoft vs Apple contest. Today’s release of Google Maps elicits a response that is not uncommon for Google “applications”. They are incredible. They obviously have very smart people there creating applications that actually make the web better. Microsoft on the other hand, continues to release product after product that is just enough to keep people from leaving. Don’t want to leave the MSN home page to perform a search? We’ll give you a search that’s good enough. Think some of those servers are pretty robust? We’ll give you one that’s good enough. Considering a different operating system? Don’t switch. We’ll keep giving you just enough to hold on to you. Microsoft is all about the bottom line and rarely does anything that makes one say “wow!”. Windows XP’s “Luna” interface, at first made me say “wow”, but after a short time you realize that it’s just a prettier face on the same windows. Google, like Apple and many other companies continue to release new products that completely change the ways people do things while Microsoft sits back and watches for the next thing they will need to provide to hold on.

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