Just Three Things – Week of May 1, 2005

Here’s my new attempt at pod casting or audio blogging (whichever you prefer). I hope to get better at this and learned a lot from putting this one together. Just Three Things is a short wrapup of three stories that emerged in the past week that are worth exploring further.


Show notes for week of May 1st

Intro: Traveling on I-80 to Kearney, NE with Mark to enjoy brews at the Thunderhead brewery. Creating show mostly for my own fun, but hope to eventually improve in to something that some might enjoy listening to.

One: Web 2.0

Podsafe Tune: California Ocean Highway by Robert Safuto

Two: Satellite Radio Programming (XM vs Sirius) spurred by Adam Curry‘s new show on Sirius

Three: Weblogg-ed: Youths, News and TMI

Wrapup: Will do this again next weekend? Visit Mark’s site: the Throwing Picassos.

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