[insert word here]cast

Apparently you just need to add the word “cast” to anything now to make it hip and cool. Audio blogging became “podcast”. Now the long-possible (and used) method of recording screen actions along with voice-over is being referred to as “screencasting”. I’m not sure that I like this term. Podcasting (maybe I’ve just become used to the term) describes a process where something is being broadcast over the web (sort of) and being stored on iPod-like devices to be listened to. We all know that these are storage devices and are meant for listening to things at one’s leisure. Screencasting to me sounds like I will be watching somebody’s screen — Live. Not that I will be simply watching some videos on somebody’s website. I am not going to download these to watch on a portable video player. I’m not going to receive these as enclosures in my aggregator (I don’t think so anyway). These are instructional tools that live within and require the website that explains them and gives them context. Will we really need to start calling flash videos “flashcasts”, quicktime movies “motioncasts”, etc.? Screencasting does not replace any sort of traditional broadcasting in the same way that podcasting does.

For the record: my favorite tool for doing these is Snapz Pro.

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