Blogging Getting Bad Rap

After last Sunday’s incident in Pennsylvania, where both students were found to have “blogs”?which didn’t seem to forecast anything about what happened?schools and parents seem to be giving blogs much more attention. I hope that this provides opportunity for parents, teachers, administrators and anybody working with youth to start visiting these sites and to become familiar with them. It is futile to try blocking these sites for the purposes of keeping children away from them (I’m all for blocking when it comes to instructional management — keeping students on task). Internet access and computer availability is simply too easy to come by to control it. Student must be taught, early, the dangers of having their lives exposed online. Schools and school district could perhaps slow some of this by providing opportunities for students to blog in a more productive, monitored and safe enviornment.

Here’s a good article that recently appeared on about blogging and schools’ responses to it.

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