Google is Doing a Nu Thang

Google has a few new things out.

  • First, in my right column, you see a link to download Firefox with the Google Toolbar. Clicking on this link AND installing the software earns me a dollar. Yep! Google is paying a buck to those that get people to switch to Firefox. Want to earn money? Sign up.
  • How do you sign up? That’s the second thing. You can click on the image right under the Firefox image to sign up for Google AdSense. Once registered, you will receive the HTML needed to place the Firefox and other ads on your own blog.
  • Third, as another blog tool, Google now offers a free statistics site. Sign up for the service, place the code on your pages and get great reports about who is visiting your site.
  • Finally, something for everybody (including non-bloggers), is Google Base. A free online database service where you can create a online storage area for recipies, inventories or anything else. I’m sure that Google has some grand scheme here, but I’m not sure what it is.
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