A Peek in to Firefox 2

Based on the meeting notes posted from yesterday’s Firefox team meeting, we can see what will be in the first alpha of Firefox 2 (release postponed two weeks to near end of February) and future versions of it. Here’s some of the things I’m looking forward to:

  • Close buttons on each tab (like safari and camino)
  • Providing a method of tag-overflow rather than having a huge number of unlabeled tabs
  • Visual refresh is planned but they are looking to do this via a contest
  • Inline spell check
  • Ability to save your session so that all of your pages/tabs come right back to the way they were before you quit Firefox
  • Better RSS integration with a possible RSS previewer. Apparently Apple has patented some of the things that they are doing with RSS in Safari and they don’t want to encounter problems with that.
  • Anti-Phishing (similar I suppose to what is in IE 7)
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