What should your site be doing?

This is a list that showed up on digital-web magazine over a year ago listing those things that a modern site should be doing. While it’s hard for most casual developers to incorporate these into a homegrown site, it shows that one should really consider some of the great content management systems available when building a site. Most good ones will take care of a majority of these items. In the end, you need to decide what is and isn’t important to you and your visitors.

  • Offering regularly updated information (blogs, CMSs, etc.)
  • Increased efficiency in news and information distribution (RSS, ATOM, etc.)
  • Alternative methods of information distribution (email newsletters, RSS,, etc.)
  • Enhanced notification and announcement systems (pings, email alerts, etc.)
  • A place for your site’s users to offer feedback and input (blog comments, forums, etc.)
  • Improved performance and code optimization (CSS, XHTML, etc.)
  • Multiple ways to access information (multi-faceted navigation, folksonomies, etc.)
  • Intelligent system to system communication (XML, SOAP, etc.)
  • Collaborative communication and documentation (Wikis, blogs, etc.)
  • On-demand support feedback (user-driven FAQs, click-to-chat, etc.)
  • Digital Web Magazine – News – Ten things your web sites should be doing

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