New Yahoo! Front Page

Yahoo! has posted a preview of their new home page and it’s looking good. I’ve been frustrated for a long time that there are so many do-it-all pages like Yahoo!, Google, Lycos and even newer options like pageflakes and netvibes and yet for the most part they are not pretty to look at. This new version of Yahoo! is one of the first that I have seen that makes good use of screen real-estate, is very customizable and is actually something that I would consider making my home page. Between Yahoo being the default search engine in Flock, Yahoo’s new mail client, their ownership of both Flickr and the old Konfabulator (now Yahoo Widget Engine) and now this sharp new page, they are winning me. I just wish that their search results were better as I still find myself using Google simply because I find what I want much faster when I search there.

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