WWDC Keynote Today

This morning (or noon-ish central time) Steve Jobs will take the stage in San Francisco to address the attendees of Apple’s annual Worldwide Developers Conference. This is the Apple version of the MAX conference (for those develop using Adobe products). I read one web site that anticipated a “flurry” of announcements. While I’m sure there will be some surprises, here are the three things that are expected:

* MacOS 10.5 “Leopard” – Apple has made no secret that it’s going to be talking a lot about Leopard. What is a secret is what’s in Leopard. A list going around lists the following improvements:
** Spotlight 2.0
** Dashboard 2.0
** Safari 3.0
** iChat 4.0
** Automator 2.0
** QuickTime 7.2
** Mail 3.0
** iCal 3.0
** Address Book 5.0
* G5 Tower Replacement “MacPro”?
* XServe Intel Upgrade

I’m pretty unimpressed with the Leopard list. While it may be true, anybody could go through the Apple-provided applications on their computer and increase the versions by one. I hope to see a lot of eye-candy! We’ll just have to see what Stevie shows us.

Beyond that, who knows. I would be surprised to see any iPod announcements, but it’s been a while since the video version came out and there have been rumors for months of an iPod with a larger video screen on it. There have also been rumors of a redesigned Nano with an aluminum case similar to the iPod mini that it replaced.

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