WWDC Followup

If you didn’t see the announcements at yesterday’s WWDC keynote, you can find them at

Impressions? First, I was intrigued a little by the tag-team presentation format. Steve handed off to three other Apple execs throughout the keynote in a way that felt to me like a bit of a “American Geek Idol”. Are they trying to find someone that has a bit of the aura that Steve carries? None of the presenters yesterday qualify — especially Phil.

Second, While the hardware announcements are probably the most important, they do not excite me. I get giddy about the software. Time machine looks great. Time machine is a backup solution with a fantastic interface that allows the user to take any finder window or compatible appliction and rewind it to a state that they need or restore a piece from that past version to the current. Of course for many of us that run with a pretty full hard drive, this will require the purchase of a large external drive, but if the backup can be transparent and reliable, it is worth it.

The iChat improvments look great. I’m most excited about the ability to share a screen with a buddy to either collaborate with that person OR do troubleshooting. I can’t count the times that I’ve been chatting with somebody and just wished that I could see what they were seeing and help them out.

Universal Access in Tiger is way better than what’s been in OS X before, but it’s got a long way to go and I’m glad to see that it is such an important part of Leopard that they featured it in the keynote. I’m hoping that it’s functional enough that I can, as a web developer, really get a feel for how visually-challenged folks are receiving a page and to then make them as easy to digest as possible.

Finally, spotlight is kind of boring, but I don’t know what I did before it. I welcome the ability to do more advanced searches with it and to be able to search network volumes with it.

Now, we just have to wait until next spring to receive the goods. Tiger was released during the last weekend of April in 2005. Perhaps we can expect a similar release this time.

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