Links… again

I’ve added my links back to my blog. I’ve posted about this a few times and I’m sure that no one cares, but I want my thought process to be here. I have long had my links displayed on my blog, but I have gone back and forth on including them in the blog postings.

It’s easier to say why I think that this is sometimes a bad idea. First, if you have a bad system, as I have had from time to time, you can end up with a lot of empty posts if you aren’t creating links every day. Second, if you aren’t posting but are linking, it still seems to be kind of goofy to have a blog that’s nothing but links (still preferrable to no blog at all in my opinion).

So, why put them in? Most of you reading my blog are reading it via a news aggregator of some sort, meaning that you are never actually visiting my site. So if I find a fantastic site and link to it, even those that are reading my blog every day do not find out about it because its not being included as a post. Also, not including them creates extra work. When I find something on the internet worth noting, I have to decide whether to create a post, a link or both. It is much easier if I just create the link and then let post the link at the end of the day.

So, that’s the story. I’m using to manage my bookmarks. I’m using the blog poster built into to create the postings and every day at 5pm a post will be created with things that I have linked to that day.

Thoughts, ideas? Drop them in the comments…

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