Another Max – Over

Max 2006 Wed Party at Palms
Originally uploaded by cynomyso.

Max 2006 is over so I guess that means that its time to take a look back over the last couple of days.

One thought that was going through my head this evening was how much this conference confirmed my feelings that web development is getting more exciting and doing anything but standing still. There was so much excitement at this conference around new ideas and directions such as Apollo, Flex and integration of PDF and Flash technologies.

Second, Adobe needs to lighten up a little bit. The 2006 version of Max had a much more corporate feel to it, and it didn’t feel right. There were a few more suits and ties this year that I remember from the past. There were fewer freebies to be had. There were more disclaimers before discussions. Adobe tried to play cool by providing all the pop and candy we wanted, but I don’t think anybody’s love was getting bought. It may sound stupid, but sending everybody out of the conference with an Adobe jacket or other strongly branded item would have helped solidify a little loyalty.

Third, the conference needs to either focus on coders (not my choice) or expand and bring the whole design community together (awesome!). The Max signs all said “The 2006 Adobe Conference” and yet, except for PDF jockeys, the traditional Adobe user would not have found much for them at this conference. Go BIG! Photoshop, InDesign and Illustrator should all be covered and celebrated. Do sessions on Premier and After Effects. Become THE creative conference. It would be amazing and certainly the event of the year.

These are some pretty basic ideas and certainly not the most important things I’m taking from this conference — just things on my mind right now. Tomorrow we travel back to the great plains. I’m pretty excited to see my family and begin trying some of the things that I’ve learned here.

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