Firefox 2… and improvements

While Flock is still my favorite browser, I’ve been working a lot with Firefox to see what I think of it. I like it. As is typical, I think that the appearance of the windoze version seems a little more polished than the mac one (which is funny since they used different themes for them this time). I think the greatest thing that was added in this version is a built-in spell checker that checks anything you type into any web form. I know we’ve spent a lot of time at LPS putting spell checkers in web applications when that functionality really does belong in the browser. Here are some things that I’ve done recently to make Firefox more useful to me (read: more flock like).

  • has a very nice new add-on for firefox that does a full replacement of the Firefox bookmarking system with a one. Now anything I bookmark in either Firefox or Flock ends up in the same place (and a place that is available to everyone).
  • Performancing is a decent blog posting tool that integrates with Firefox. I’m using it right now to compose this. I haven’t explored everything that this tool does, but it does give me access to my categories and lets me add tags.
  • I’m using the GrApple (Uno) theme along with the Uno mac theme and with a couple of differences, you can barely tell the difference between Firefox and Safari (or even Camino once applied there)

There are plug-ins that try to account for some other Flock functions like tying into Flickr (flickrFox) and doing news reading (sage), but they don’t even come close.

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