I mentioned the term geocaching in my last post. Geocaching is a sort of scavenger hunt, or hide-and-seek game where someone hides a small “cache” and then puts information online to help people find it. The clues online include GPS coordinates to where the item can be found typically with some vague visual clues to help once there. My wife and I tried our first last night as there was one only a few blocks from our house. We struck out through the neighborhood with our GPS in hand and found a small park in the middle of a large block accessible only by a narrow sidewalk that divided two houses. Once to the park, we went about search every nook of every tree, bush, hole until we found the cache. Generally caches have a log where you can record when you found it along with goodies that you can take provided you leave something in its place. It’s a fun activity and could be fun for a whole family. It’s amazing how many caches there are, probably hundreds just in the Lincoln area. It could also be a very fun way to get to know somewhere you are travelling.

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