Brightcove Video for LPS

I started visiting Brightcove a couple of years ago when Jeremy Allaire (creator of ColdFusion) mentioned it at the 2004 Macromedia MAX Conference in New Orleans. It took a long time before it became publicly available, and even then it seemed to be geared towards professional media producers and not something available to the masses.

I’m not sure when things changed, but recent visits have excited me as it became clear that Brightcove would make it very possible for non-professional media producers to get their content online in a way that was easy and looked great. Brightcove (and DiVX’s Stage 6) allow for the creation of “channels” so that you can put an organized set of media online that can be browsed and viewed easily. The other nice thing about these channels is that it provides the content creator some ability to provide custom branding around the videos instead of having the hosting company’s logo all over the place (like youtube, yahoo or google).

I have begun a new player at LPS. It will be a while before it goes public (if it ever does) but consider this your invitation to take a look and let me know what you think. I’m just going to start throwing whatever video I have access to up there.

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