Apple TV – Reaction to a Reaction

iPod Observer: Analyst is Skeptical of Apple TV

I’m not saying that Apple TV is going to be a big hit. I really don’t know. I do think that this analyst is missing the point. The Jupiter analyst doesn’t see the point of such a device when one can get the content over the air or via cable/satellite. I think that the iTunes store coupled with Apple TV causes one to question the need for shelling out $50 to $100 or more each month on cable or satellite. How many shows can one really watch? I’ve counted up the shows that my family watches and there are really only five. They are all available on iTunes. If I purchase a season pass to all of them, that averages out to around $14/month over a year for commercial-free, on-demand entertainment. The savings, just from moving from Time Warner’s basic-plus package would be almost $450 a year – easily covering the cost of the Apple TV.

I’m just saying I guess that Apple is not looking to supplement cable/satellite. They are looking to supplant it. They only thing this solution is missing is the ability to watch live events such as sports, but it can display streaming video and I think that it would be perfectly capable of displaying it once Apple starts to deliver it. The telephone companies have had to face the awkward situation of providing DSL to customers that use it to get their telephone service from other sources like Vonage. The cable companies may soon have the same scenario as they provide internet to customers that then get their TV programming from another source.

Looks like a bright future to me.

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