iPhone – Thoughts

It’s been a day and a half since Steve bestowed the iPhone unto us. Here’s the thoughts that I’ve had on it.

  • A souped-up nano seems like an odd choice for Apple’s first widescreen video player
  • It would be easy to drain a battery while flying and not have a phone when you get where you’re going
  • It would be nearly impossible to dial without seeing it. I hope that it either has a very good voice dialing feature or another way to very quickly dial someone in your favorites. As I see it right now, a phone call to a favorite would require a push of the top button to wake it, a slide of the finger to unlock it, a screen press to get to the phone, another press to get to your favorites and finally another press to dial the number. I can dial any of my speed dials on my current phone with one button (which I can find without looking at it).
  • The wi-fi seemed slow (like wi-fi on every pocket-sized device I’ve used). They didn’t demonstrate using internet applications over EDGE, but I’m sure that it would be almost painful.
  • Steve mentioned that they have plans to support 3G. That may be worth waiting for.
  • I love that they put a physical silent mode switch on the side of the phone. I think a lot of people don’t silence their phones because they simply don’t know how. David Pogue of the New York Times said on MacBreak Weekly that you can tell whether it is in silent mode or not by just feeling it in your pocket. Briliant.
  • A lot of the limitations feel like things that Cingular may be imposing. Why no iChat? Because Cingular makes a dime on each message you send with SMS (unless you have a data plan). Apple said that only Apple-supplied applications will be able to run on the iPhone (at least in the beginning). I think that this is in Cingular’s best interest more than it is Apple’s.
  • It is not odd to me that you would not be able to purchase tracks from the iTunes store on this phone as many are saying. You can’t purchase from the Apple TV either. I do wish however that you could subscribe to RSS and receive podcasts.
  • $500 to $600 seems like a lot with a two year contract. But I was just walking into the office yesterday with a $400 iPod and a phone that typically sells for $200 with a 2 year contract and thinking how nice it would be if they were one device.
  • David Pogue also mentioned that it was really very difficult to type on. I wonder if there is any chance of OS X’s handwriting recognition ‘Inkwell’ being incorporated or a bluetooth keyboard being offered.
  • The iPhone has Bluetooth 2. Could some decent sounding bluetooth headphones be around the corner?
  • My current cingular contract is up in November. I wonder what the landscape will look like then…
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