News Now on Wii

An update to my Wii last night gave me the new Wii News Channel. Some thoughts:

The Good

  • The interface is clean and easy to read
  • I like how it shows you on a very nice map where the story is from.
  • The animation when you change text sizes is cool
  • It does a real neat effect where as you zoom out on the globe, the stories stack up so you can see where the most news (biggest pile) is.
  • It is SO easy to navigate with the wii remote

The Not-So-Good

  • The news is provided by a two-year contract with the Associated Press. It seems strange to be reading news created for print on your TV. While there are photos with some stories, there is no audio or video.
  • It is slow to load. While the wii weather channel front page at least tells you the current conditions without the need to actually load the channel, the news front page tells you nothing. A nice feature would be a list of new stories so you could then decide to load it.
  • Many of the stories have URLs in them. The Wii has a web browser. Seems like a click would take to you the address? Nope.

Now I wonder what is next for Nintendo. They said that the weather and news were coming, now they are here. What is there to look forward to now (besides the final version of the wii browser) — and Duck Hunt!

Here’s a demo of the channel from YouTube:

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