Playstation 3 — Too Cheap?!

The New York Times reports Sony blaming profit slides on subsidizing the cost of the Playstation 3 too much. Selling consoles at a loss is nothing new. Sony and Microsoft have both done this knowing that it will establish market-share and that they will easily make up the difference in game sales. There’s more to this than just getting consumers hooked on Playstation. They are using the launch as a way to make Blue Ray the dominant next-generation disk storage. Right now, you would be doing pretty good to find a blue ray or HD-DVD player for $500 to $600. The playstation costs this and is an incredible gaming system and content delivery device as well. One could consider this to easily be a $1000 to $1200 system and it’s getting sold for half of that. Sony has done what they have always done in the last few years, cram as much sony-universe stuff as they can at people when they have the opportunity. The PS3 could have been every bit as revolutionary as a gaming platform without the blue ray drive and actually hit a decent price. I’m actually surprised that on startup you don’t get a commercial and opportunity to purchase and download whatever crap Mariah Carey has puked out lately.

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