While we’re on coffee houses… My favs

I visit more coffee houses and drink more java than I’m prepared to fully disclose, but here are some of my favorites in Lincoln.

  • The Mill: This is, along with ‘the coffee house’, the classic coffee house. I love the wood and brick. I love the dock. I enjoy the atmosphere that all of the international students that hang out there provide. The tables are a little small and the chairs too uncomfortable to do more than an hour of work there.
  • Scooters: While we’re at 8th and P (The Mill), I’d might as well cover Scooters too, which is right across the street. Scooters has bigger chairs, bigger tables and fast internet. They also have very comfortable arm chairs if you are just looking to relax. I enjoy the big windows. Like anyplace in the Haymarket, the thing that often keeps me from going there is metered parking and parking garages.
  • Meadowlark: This coffee house sits in the old Godfather’s Pizza spot at 17th and South. If I’m looking to go work for hours on a project, this is probably where you’ll find me. I don’t think there is a coffee shop in town with such a diverse audience and it is not uncommon for people to camp here all day talking, smoking and drinking. They usually have some sort of entertainment in the evening and the drinks are very good.
  • Perfect Cup: We suffer from a severe coffee house shortage on the east side of town where I work. Perfect Cup resides inside of the Good Neighbor pharmacy near the Hy-Vee at 70th and O. The staff is friendly, The drinks are fine, the atmosphere is okay and the internet is slow.
  • Panera: I only go here because it is near work, but there are free refills on coffee and the internet is stable and an okay speed. I’m here now and getting 1.3 mbps down and .3 mbps up. The staff is not real friendly and the prices are kind of expensive.

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