More blogging, less linking

I really see my blog as the center of my life on the web. My blog is the first place I search when I want to recall something that I did months or years ago. For this reason, I have often muddied my posts with everything I have been bookmarking and more. Throwing all of this information in one pot can discouraging to those that are looking for some perspective.

One of my favorite sites to read these days is our local police chief’s blog and I’ve had to ask myself why I find it so interesting. I’m drawn to it in the same way that some may be drawn to shows that you see on Discovery and other like-channels where you get to see inside another profession. I don’t think that it would matter if it were the president of the united states or the guy that cleans the toilet of the president, it is fascinating to know what people are thinking, what challenges they face and what they find interesting each day when they go to work.

For this reason, I’m going to try (TRY) to change the nature of my blog a little bit. For those that are interested, I am going to post the exciting and the boring things that I have the opportunity to do as a part of my job as a web developer. If there are things that you are interested in knowing about, please let me know.

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