Podcasting with Manila

People seem to get bored with technology. I know that I often do. It’s why I can’t wait for Apple to release Mac OS 10.5 even though 10.4 works great. It’s why I check throughout the day looking for something that’s new or improved. It’s also why I think that people seem to have forgotten what a great tool Manila is and are so ready to push it out the door.

It is true that Manila is not the best tool for creating sites that I refer to as “traditional” where you are presented a front page the site branches out from there. It is also true however that Manila was built to be a pretty easy blogging tool since before we were calling them blogs. Using Manila’s “news items” feature to manage a blog could hardly be easier than it is and it is periodically updated to take advantage of today’s blogging trends.

One update that Manila has received in the last couple of years is the ability to handle RSS enclosures. While this can be used in many ways, it’s most common application is podcasting. A podcast is nothing more than a RSS feed in which media files are referenced for downloading. In manila this is done by simply creating a news item and picking a file on your computer to associate with the item. When you hit the save button, your asset is uploaded to the server and the RSS is updated – you are podcasting!

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