MAX Day Three

Responsible Web Design with Dreamweaver CS3

I took notes during this and am going to have edit this when I find them, but this was an excellent session given by the product manager for Dreamweaver that covered good web design practices in general.

Designing the Obvious

One of the great things about the MAX conference is that you get a large number of book authors and world-class designers. Robert Hoekman, author of “Designing the Obvious” led this presentation. Rather than just hit the points in his book, Robert showcased of the designs he has worked on the last couple of years. He showed what he started with, explained the goals, demonstrated the intermediate designs, described their failures and finally revealed what the final design was. The key point of the presentation was to decide what it is that you want your users to do, then make them do it.

Effective Website Redesign

This was the second session that I attended presented by the team of and focusing on Some of the tricks discussed here were the same detailed during the CSS session on Monday, such as using server-side includes rather than @import statements for CSS and JS files. The presenter talked about how most “redesigns” end up really being nothing more than a “reskin”, while other projects are a complete rewrite. Of interest was that they do use Dreamweaver templates and check-in check-out for their own processes. Also, they seem to be accessing some features in templates that I am unfamiliar with and will have to try out where one can set variables such as the number of columns to trigger particular bits of code. This would be extremely useful and eliminate the need for many one-off templates.

Fitting Fireworks into the Design Spectrum

This was primarily a session about “what good is Fireworks” for people that are generally Photoshop users. This also had very little to do with Design and more to do with photography and photo management. The most interesting thing to me in this was to see how cleanly documents could travel between Photoshop and Fireworks. Bridge was also demonstrated as a work center, although I still do not consider Bridge a good idea when you are focused on web sites and not individual photos or files.

Font Perspective: The New New Typography

The head guy for typography at Adobe presented this fascinating session that chronicled the history of fonts on computers, then demonstrated some of the crazy things possible with today’s Unicode Opentype typefaces. I love typography and wrapping up MAX with this session was really a treat.

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